About Us

Limitless Car Care – How We Began

Limitless Car Care started in 2006.  It started with a passion to help make people’s vehicles look great, from the inside out.

As vehicle owners, we all spend time in our cars or trucks. (some more than others) Whether you simply drive a couple of miles to work each day or drive hundreds of miles as a traveling salesman, you spend time in your vehicle. So why not drive in something that you feel good about? That’s how we would want it: travel in a vehicle that we can feel good about.

And that’s our commitment to you, as our customers: we treat your vehicle like it’s our own. We treat it with care. We respect it and give it love.

Our passion is to take excellent care of your car or truck, whether you live in Fargo or Moorhead, and ultimately treat your vehicle like it’s our own.

Want us to help make your vehicle look like new?