Carpet Shampoo and Air Purification

We shampoo your vehicle’s carpet and make the air inside your vehicle good to breath

We clean and shampoo your car and truck’s carpet

Want that new car smell again? We can help. Your car and/or truck has carpet and upholstery that needs a professional cleaning from time to time, in order to smell and look like brand new. Our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services for your vehicle is one of the most important offerings to give your new or used vehicle. Whether you’re a hockey mom from Moorhead,  a band, or soccer dad from Fargo, we’re available to professionally clean your cars carpet.

We can give you clean air to breath when in your car and truck

If you’ve been driving for any length of time, you’ve probably experienced stinky smells in your car or truck. Those smells might have come from cigarettes, food, or other nefarious artifacts (or even your flatulent cousin Jimmy). Over time, these distinct stenches can have a very bad effect on the inside of your car or truck. And they certainly don’t go away easily. That’s where we can help. Limitless specializes in helping you, the motor vehicle owner who lives in Fargo and Moorhead, breath easy when driving.

Interior Packages Starting at $175

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