Fabric, Leather, Headliner Protection

We clean the fabric in your car and even the roof inside your vehicle

We clean your fabric car seats

If you own a car or truck, you’ve undoubtedly dealt with dirty car seats. Stains, scuffs, spills, and scratches, you’ve experienced them all. So what do you do when your stains seem uncleanable, or unrepairable? You want these pesky stains fixed. At Limitless, we can restore the fabric seats in your car or truck’s interior to its original, pristine condition. Stains, scrapes, and cigarette holes don’t have to become a perpetual passenger in your vehicle. We clean, repair and restore the cloth fabric in your car and truck. Doesn’t matter is the material is fabric, vinyl, or leather, we can typically handle it all and have seen it all.

We condition the leather in your car and truck

Leather may seem like it’s an easier proposition to clean, especially over fabric, but often times leather car interiors can be just as difficult to keep looking new. At Limitless, your car or truck’s interior treatment begins with vacuuming and shampooing of your carpets, floor mats, and upholstery. Then we clean and condition your car’s dashboard, trim panels, and finally finish with the leather portion of your vehicle’s interior. We don’t use cheap leather wax, rather we treat your vehicle’s leather like it’s our own.

We can even clean your headliner (what’s a headliner?)

What’s a headliner? A car or truck headliner is the interior roof of your car, and it serves a very important purpose. It’s supposed to provide insulation from the cold, muffle outside noise, create a finished look, and your headliner holds up suspended wires and devices like your car’s dome lights and Bluetooth microphones. Its also made up of more than just fabric. The roof liner is composed of a hard backing that’s made of fiberglass or another fibrous type of molded board.

Interior Packages Starting at $175

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